8th Grade BTSN Presentation

We thank everyone who was able to make it to Back to School Night last week! This year, we have some exciting experiences coming up for our 8th graders and we would like to share the information with you so you may plan accordingly. Please the presentation below for more details.

Some of the take-aways:

-End of the Year activities requested donation is approximately $110 per student

-Toyon Bay (Catalina Marine Institute) requested donation is approximately $350 per student (includes all transportation to and from PV and Catalina, housing, meals, and activities. Souvenirs and candy can be purchased at an additional cost)

-Toyon Bay Dates: October 30th-November 1st

-Scholarships are available – please contact your student’s advisor, Ms. Parola, Mr. Parker, Mr. Blazer, or the Plaza Vista Front Office for the application

-Necessary items are listed in the Google Slides – please review necessary items at your earliest convenience to make sure your student has what they need

-Academic and Behavior requirements are listed in the Google Slides - please reach out to Plaza Vista Staff if you have any questions or concerns


End of the Year/Toyon Bay (Catalina Marine Institute) Presentation

These are great opportunities for our students to learn both academic and life skills. Some of which can be taught before they even attend these experiences. One suggestion is having your student help finance a part of the trip. Some Middle School students start earning money by babysitting, doing chores around the house or for neighbors (yard-work, cleaning, dog walking, etc.), recycling, etc. This can teach students the value of work, earning money, and budgeting; skills that tend to be difficult to explicitly teach.