Middle School Handbook

Emphasizing Academics in a Safe and Nurturing Environment Plaza Vista Middle School goals for the school year.

We will provide:

  • Curriculum and grading policies that will ensure integrity and high academic standards.
  • A middle school environment that emphasizes encouragement and positive interaction.
  • A safe and nurturing environment fostering cooperation inside, as well as outside the classroom.

academic integrity contract

Please see Middle School Handbook PDF on this page for contract. 

Arrival to school and classes

School starts and attendance is taken promptly at 8:25am. Students who are not in their seats at 8:25 will be marked tardy. A bell will ring at approximately 8:22 to alert you to walk to class. You should be on campus by 8:20. You may not use the office area to enter or exit the building unless you are tardy. If you need to enter any part of the building before school, you must have prior written permission from a staff member who will be directly supervising your activity in the building.

Attendance and Tardies

California State Law requires that children attend school daily unless they have a legal excuse such as personal illness or a medical/dental appointment. A parent or guardian should call the school before 8:30 a.m. each day to notify the office of your absence. Students are expected to be on ti