Associated Student Body (ASB) is a class that serves the student body in a number of different ways, such as creating and running community service projects, fundraisers, lunch time activities, middle school dances, and spirit activity events. They help create a friendly and supportive school environment where students feel safe and make fun memories during their time here. ASB encourages school spirit by creating fun interactive spirit days and friendly competitions between classes. Students within the class are true role models of the school and community. The elections are held each spring to elect ASB officers and Advisement Reps.








Those involved in ASB enroll in a year long Student Leadership Course as their exploratory class focused on leadership and character development, and school culture building. ALL students who are on student council must be available regularly before and after school for additional student council meetings, recycling, helping with school events and other duties as assigned.








Students may participate in the following capacities:
















Officers (Current 6th and 7th only)




Applications due Wed April 17 // Elected May 3 // Positions announced May 6








There are 5 officer positions including, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Activities Director. Officers lead the student council through their various roles and carry the most responsibility, and are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic and character excellence.

















Commissioners (Current 6th & 7th only)








Applications Due Fri April 26 // Positions appointed May 6








Commissioners are appointed by the ASB Advisor based upon an application process. Commissioners oversee very specific operations and programs carried out by the Student Council that are intended to enhance school culture building, community, school development, or even the student academic experience.

















Class Representatives (Current 5th, 6th & 7th)








Nominated for position Fri April 26  // Elected Mon May 6








Class reps vote on behalf of their advisement in the student council and make weekly announcements of campus updates to their advisement class. They also help manage the finances, plan and set up school dances, run the spirit days and field day competitions and help execute community service projects.








Qualifications for Class Representative:




  • GPA (Grade Point Average) 2.5 or greater
  • No  “D” or “F” in any current academic class
  • No “N” or “U” in Citizenship and/or Work Habits
  • No Suspensions 
  • No breaches of integrity










If you have questions please contact the ASB Advisor








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