Digital resources are an important part of IUSD's commitment to providing the highest quality educational experience for our students.  IUSD partners with educational software providers to provide personalized and engaging curriculum for students.  As our world evolves, new digital services are created to facilitate student learning.  Coding, stop-animation, and three-dimensional printing provide IUSD students with innovative, hands-on learning environments.  Adaptive online assessments help teachers address the individual needs of each child. Collaborative tools allow students to problem-solve in an environment that mirrors what they will experience in college and their professional lives.  Videos and other online media help students make connections between subjects taught in school and current events. 

At IUSD, we are excited to offer these resources to our students and their families.  We are also committed to ensuring our students' safety and privacy online.  The software providers listed below have agreed to protect student data and ensure that their platforms meet State (AB-1584 and California Education Code section 49073.1) and Federal (FERPA) legal requirements and IUSD policy regarding data privacy.  For more information about IUSD's technology safety efforts, visit our  Privacy and Digital Citizenship pages.

Please keep in mind that the list below includes digital resources that may be used throughout the District in different settings and capacities.  If you would like information about which specific programs will be used in your student's classroom please reach out to your child's school.

More information and a list of district adopted software can be found here: