Playground Handbook

Lunch Area Rules

  • Students must sit at one of their class’s assigned lunch tables.
  • Tables are numbered. Each class has two or three tables.
  • Everyone at the table is responsible for clean-up.
  • Playground supervisors will dismiss students from the tables after confirming that all trash has been thrown away.
  • All students are expected to use proper manners when eating their lunch. This includes being courteous to students and adults. It also means that throwing or any other misuse of food/drinks is not al-lowed. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN TRASH!
  • Students are expected to walk in the lunch area, not run.
  • Food is only permitted in the lunch area.

**New lunch policy ALL lunches, for ALL grade levels, must be dropped off in the office by 11:15 at the latest, noon duty supervisors will take all lunch tubs to the lunch tables for your child to collect his/her lunch. Lunches will not be delivered after 11:15 am. Please encourage your children to bring their lunches when they leave for school in the morning. No exceptions, no excuses.

Playground plan


  • Follow directions the first time given.
  • Keep hands, feet, other body parts and objects to yourself at all times.
  • Use only school-approved equipment.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • No teasing, put-downs, foul language or harass-ment.


  • Verbal praise
  • PRIDE cards
  • Positive feedback shared with classroom teacher
  • Positive feedback shared with parent
  • Recess and lunch are more fun for everyone!


  • Verbal reminder
  • Five minutes out of recess
  • Out for remainder of recess
  • Out for remainder of recess/trash pick-up
  • Administrative referral

severe clause

Immediate referral to the administration will occur for the following infractions:

  • Fighting
  • overt defiance,
  • going off school grounds
  • weapons


  • Only two (or four if playing partners) players on the court at all times. No partner breakup.
  • The ball must bounce within the white lines of the handball court and may only bounce once before hitting it.
  • The server may have no more than two serves/attempts to put the ball in play inside the white lines.
  • When serving, the ball must hit the ground and handball wall first before opponent may hit/return the ball.
  • The winner serves. The ball may bounce once on a serve.
  • No subbing for server.
  • Liners are out.
  • Slices are okay, but no catch and slice.
  • No watermelons, rockets, triples/quads, combos, or switchies.
  • Play fair (good sportsmanship) – no cheering when someone gets out, no arguing, no taking away the ball, no kicking the ball.
  • When in doubt, ALL players vote. If voted out you must leave.
  • No one may interfere with the game or the person serving.
  • No cuts or saving places in line.
  • Do NOT stand or sit against the board when others are playing.
  • Do NOT run across the court while a game is in progress.
  • Play on boards only, NOT against buildings or doors.
  • No substitutions.
  • Three wins, and then out.
  • If ball misses board, you are out immediately.
  • Everyone is expected to play by the above rules only.
  • Other rules that are made up by you or rules from other schools do not apply to Plaza Vista games. Anyone trying to use rules other than the Plaza Vista Handball Rules will be asked to leave the game.

four square

  • Server bounces ball, then hits it underhand to any square.
  • The ball must bounce only once in the square and then that player hits it to another square.
  • Ball must bounce before person plays it (hits it to the next square.)
  • The following are allowed: jackpots, around the world, tea parties, hot potatoes (but no dodging the ball), 2 second catch, spinnies and cherry bombs (one cherry bomb per round).
  • No overhead slams, treetops, friendly, babies, peace treaty, fire-fighter, slices, corners, downward popcorn, talent show, loopholes, mailman, or backward spinnies.
  • No switching courts, no frozen four square (unless important like tying shoes/bathroom).
  • No taking the ball or kicking the ball/cherry bombs when angry.
  • There are no teams/partners.
  • If there is interference from outside, re-serve game.
  • Re-dos: pegs that aren’t on purpose, hitting the white line.
  • Ball must be hit with hands. You can use one or both hands.
  • When in doubt, ALL players vote. Liners are in.
  • Play starts when server bounces ball, then hits it underhand to any square.
  • If the ball is made to bounce over an opponent’s head, it is an out for the hitter.
  • Players who get hit join the outside circle to begin throwing the ball at players in the inside circle.
  • The last player in the inside circle is the winner.


  • One person at a time allowed on swing.
  • Waiting person must count to 30. Each swing (1 forward and 1 back) equals 1 count.
  • NO count backs! You must go to a different swing after counted on.
  • NO twisting, jumping from, running under, or standing on swings.
  • Sitting on swings is not permitted when students want to swing.
  • Swing on your bottom only facing the playground & school.
  • Wait AWAY from the front of the swings.
  • Do NOT stand beside or behind swings when in use.
  • Do NOT climb swing poles.
  • Do NOT hold hands with anyone while swinging.

bars & jungle gym

  • No tag games on bars or jungle gym.
  • Go down the slides facing forward on your bottom only. No running up the slide.


  • No climbing on soccer nets or poles.
  • No “hands” while playing soccer.
  • Stay off soccer field if not playing in game.
  • Only ONE (1) goalie. If anyone else picks up the ball, they’ll be asked to leave the game. Tell a Campus Supervisor.
  • Stop play if someone is injured – resume play with throw in.


  • Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times. Deliberate pushing results in immediate loss of play.
  • In order to play FULL court, you need a maximum of 10 players. Sub-in extra players.
  • If less than 10 players, you share HALF court. (maximum 10)
  • After a team makes a basket, the other team takes the ball to center court. (on half court games)
  • If foul occurs while shot is being made, two free shots for foul. All other fouls, the opposite team takes ball out of bounds. Charging is a foul.
  • No traveling or double dribbles. All infractions will result in a throw-in by the other team.
  • If ball is in the air moving towards the basket when the bell rings, it counts.
  • Game ends at bell.


  • No tackling, slide tackling, pushing, or tripping other players – “two-hand touch” or flag-pull only. Tackling will result in immediate loss of play privileges. Rough play is prohibited! If it’s unsafe, don’t  it.
  • No live fumbles! The offensive team always gets the ball where it was dropped. Do not dive on the ball to recover it for any reason. Serious injury could occur.
  • There is only “player on player” coverage, no double teaming.
  • No blocking
  • When players are carrying the ball, they may not straight arm, run through people, jump over people, or spin.
  • Defensive players that are guarding pass receivers may not hold, push, trip, or block a pass receiver. This is called “pass interference.”
  • NO rugby